The Chip Witch

A Good Use of Technology

We all have, in our pocket, a device with the sum and total of all human knowledge, but we use it to argue with people we don't know and to look at pictures of cats. PS: Visit https://teespring.com/stores/chipwitch for some killer shirts! Buy one - the Chip Witch needs coffee money! #chipwitch #wisdom #buddha #cats #argue&n...
The Man 2018
  The Chip Witch

Your Burning Man 2019 Horoscope

Each year, as the month of August winds to a close, more than 80,000 people meet in the Nevada desert for a now iconic event known as Burning Man. This event is one that people often have a difficult time describing and with good reason. It's a diverse event where artists of all stripes engage in a celebration of free will and freedom of expression...